A Passionless Mind

February 4, 2007    By: Kristen J @ 5:48 pm   Category: Life

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything at the thang. Sure, I’ve had a lot of things going on but mostly I attribute it to the fact that I’ve got issues with long term commitment. It’s true. It’s not only men that have problems with this area but women too. (more…)

A moral dilemma to disprove consequentialism

February 1, 2007    By: Jacob J @ 9:05 pm   Category: Ethics

I find that many moral dilemmas concocted to show the problems of consequentialism assume the moral reality to be more obvious than it is. In considering moral dilemmas, I often find it useful to imagine how I would react if I learned that God had done the thing being described as immoral. The reason this is useful is that it allows me to strip away all the considerations which are only necessary because of human limitations and imperfections.

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