Please Keep Telling the YW to Be Modest for the YM

June 16, 2011    By: Geoff J @ 8:04 pm   Category: Evolutionary psychology,Modesty,Mormon Culture/Practices

The title of this post is a play on Julie’s recent post over at T&S. I have been stirring up trouble over there so I figured I’d use this unusual lapse in my blogging apathy to continue over here. [Update: Because I was mirroring the title of Julie’s post in my title people seem to be jumping to wild conclusions about what this post must mean. Please read the actual post and at least my comment #2 before concluding you know what position I am taking here. The title probably would more accurately read “Tell the YW to Be Modest because of the nature of men”. But that would not have been as fun so I didn’t use it.]

I actually don’t disagree with everything Julie says there. But I think the headline and much of the premise is misguided.

Here is the fundamental question: If there were no sex in the world would there be any reason for modesty? (more…)

Mormon Young Women, Modesty, and the Porn-Addled Youth of Today

June 15, 2011    By: Geoff J @ 6:05 pm   Category: Modesty,Mormon Culture/Practices

My oldest daughter Samantha just finished 8th grade and is preparing to enter high school in the fall. She is brilliant and gorgeous. She is also sharp tongued and salty. The boys she has been going to school with for years know this about her. They also know she is Mormon. For those reasons they learned early on not to mess with her. Those who have messed have had their heads handed to them enough times to teach the rest of the kids to watch their steps.

But these boys certainly don’t mind messing with the other (non-Mormon) girls. You wouldn’t believe the amount of sexual harassment that these 8th grade boys regularly foisted upon their female classmates. Sam reported that groping girls, rubbing crotches on girls (sometimes in basketball shorts and aroused), and all kinds of other sexual harassment were basically daily occurrences in her school. The most disturbing part about her tales has been how much the girls encouraged and enabled this behavior. While it was traditional for the girls to superficially complain among themselves about the boys sexually aggressive behavior it was clear that many of these girls loved the attention. In other words, there was very little “Don’t!” and “Stop!” and too much “don’t stop” from these girls. It baffled and dismayed Sam and we spent may hours analyzing and discussing the situation with her.

Preliminary Thoughts on Divine Hiddenness

June 12, 2011    By: Jacob J @ 2:58 pm   Category: Theology

If there is a God, why is there no objective evidence of his existence?

Asked from a skeptical perspective, this question becomes one of the strongest arguments against God’s existence, on par with arguments from the problem of evil. Trying to convince an atheist that there really is a God but he simply chooses to remain hidden can feel like trying to convince the child that the emperor really is wearing new clothes. Sometimes I tell my kids that I have super powers and then when they ask me to show them my powers I tell them “I could, but I don’t feel like it.” (more…)

Bloggernacle Burnout: It finally happened…

June 8, 2011    By: Geoff J @ 8:19 pm   Category: The Thang

I just noticed that I haven’t posted here at The Thang in the last 5 month. I guess it finally happened. After more than six years I finally got completely sick of blogging about Mormonism.

I guess it was inevitable. And it’s not like I am the only one who just got bored of this hobby. Jacob seems to have burned out too and our other contributors like Kristen and Blake and Kent sort of drifted away.

Maybe the itch will return some time. Or maybe I’ll just put up posts on BYU sports during the season… In the meantime Matt has done a terrific job keeping us afloat over here.

Anyone want to discuss their experience with bloggernacle burnout? Do tell.

(I can’t promise I’ll have enough motivation to chip in much though… (I kid, I kid!)).