A Dog’s Life Part 3: the FuMan Cometh

July 24, 2008    By: Kristen J @ 9:30 pm   Category: Life

july-055.JPGAfter the Duchess I thought I was through with dogs forever. I know that Geoff really hoped deep in his heart that I was through with dogs but I think in another spot down deep in his heart he knew that I wasn’t, because I really like dogs. So, after about 3 years of constantly being asked for a dog by all of my little babes I decided to give in again.

If nothing else, Lady and Duchess taught me that I was clueless about dogs so I tried to educate myself before we brought anymore furry friends into our family. I discovered a show called “The Dog Whisperer” that I really liked and watched until I could predict exactly what Cesar Milan would say to the troubled dog owner, “How often do you walk your dog? This dog needs exercise! First exercise, then discipline, and then affection!”

Next I read a few dog training books (ok, parts of some dog training books) and a potty training book which had me convinced I would have my precious puppy housebroken in 7 days or less. Finally, I got an email from a friend who said her little rat terrier had puppies and they would be ready for their new homes around Christmas time.

I went over to my friend’s house alone in case I decided not to purchase one of the puppies. I figured my kids had been scarred enough in the dog department. I met Roxy, Fui’s mom, and then I met her 4 little boys. I didn’t stand a chance, they were all adorable.

I began to look them over, cuddling with them, playing with them, and trying to get a feel for their personalities. One was really fat and I since I had already dealt with a fat dog I decided to pass. Two of the brothers were very cute but it was the little one that really caught my eye. He was tiny and the only black dog of the littler. I loved him from the start. Plus, I figured that since he was the runt of the litter he would be used to being bossed around (how naïve of me). I put a deposit down on the little guy and a few nights later, for family home evening, I brought my own litter over to meet their new pooch. They were absolutely thrilled.

Fui is a great little dog. Not too much whining in the beginning and for the first 2 weeks he never barked, I was very smug about my perfect little puppy. Ok, ok, maybe not perfect, he was a little biter at first, but he fit in with my family very well. Um, well with most of the family.

We did discover that he was going to take a little bit longer than 7 days to potty train and while he’s doing really well he occasionally likes to leave presents for us, which makes Geoff super, duper happy. I have finally convinced everyone to stop making a big announcement if they happen to find a little gift and just quietly take care of it.

There was also the time that Fui decided to mark his territory on Geoff’s side of the bed, um ok, two times that he did that, he was really in the dog house after that. He rarely does the butt scoot but whenever he does Geoff boots him out the back door. Fui is neutered so we don’t really have many “friendliness” issues with him but when he does Geoff boots him out the back door. Come to think of it, Fui gets booted out the back door a lot.

I really like the little guy, so much that my friends started calling him my little baby. My kids really love him too. After 8 months Baby J has yet to tire of him and treats him like a younger sibling. I think Fui might be hoping she’ll tire of him soon. Even Geoff likes him, although he will violently deny it when confronted. Every once in a while I’ll see Geoff petting and talking to Fui so I know that Geoff is not completely immune to Fui’s charms.

He’s a little spazzy and super bouncy. One time my daughter found him on the washing machine, we’re still confused by that one. He is really fast and I love to see this little black streak running like mad towards me when I whistle. Fui is protective of his family but he can be convinced fairly quickly that his family isn’t in grave danger. He has his favorite toys that he loves to shake into submission which is hilarious, especially when he sends them flying across the room. If you ever come to visit and one of yells, “Duck!” Just do it, you’ll be happy you did.

I’m really glad that the third time was a charm for us. I was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with the J clan, like maybe we were a bunch of sociopaths. I know that in 15 years, which is the life expectancy of a Rat Terrier, our love for Fui will still be going strong (if he can knock off the butt scooting).


  1. Butt scooting generally indicates anal glands issues. You can take them to the vet and your vet can squeeze them and clean them out. Fui will not scoot until they fill up and itch again. The vet can teach you how to do it yourself, what comes out is foul, stinky stuff, but it will save you money and a trip to the vet.

    Or it is possible it is just an acquired habit of Fui, hopefully it is just the glands. My mom’s rat terrier had to be taken in fairly often to have hers taken care of, they filled up quickly. Very annoying.

    Comment by MontanaMuse — July 25, 2008 @ 10:07 am

  2. Thanks for the info. Seriously, he hardly ever does it. He just seems to want to push Geoff’s buttons every once in awhile.

    Comment by Kristen J — July 25, 2008 @ 10:59 am

  3. Fui is a cutie. Glad you found a keeper!

    Comment by flip flop mama — July 25, 2008 @ 2:03 pm

  4. Fui is ok I guess. I think I’ll like him more over time as he gets better trained and less spazzy.

    Comment by Geoff J — July 25, 2008 @ 2:05 pm