Taking Joseph’s Ring Analogy Seriously

March 4, 2007    By: Geoff J @ 6:29 pm   Category: King Follett Discourse,Theology

Infinite time is a headache-inducing concept. No matter how far back we can conceive of an event happening there is always an infinite amount of time that preceded it. Philosophers have wrestled with this issue of infinite time and beginninglessness for thousands of years. Since Mormonism rejects creation ex nihilo we don’t even have the luxury of believing that only God is beginningless; we also must try to wrap our minds around the idea that all matter (including spirit matter) has no beginning. (more…)

Can Humans Be Deified?

   By: Blake @ 6:22 pm   Category: Theology

According to the Eastern Orthodox doctrine of deification, we can have communion with God in the divine life. That is, mere humans can become immortal and incorruptible. In addition, through deification humans share the moral attributes with God including righteousness or goodness, holiness, love and mercy. Thus, these are the attributes of the divine nature that we share and that supposedly justifies the assertion that we share the divine nature, become deified and become gods. There is more to it — including the notion that the divine life enters into us to take up habitation and we share a healed life in Christ.

“We should all recognize the shortage of LDS rock guitarists as we raise our children…”

March 1, 2007    By: Geoff J @ 7:28 pm   Category: Life,Mormon Culture/Practices

So my new band has not gigged yet. Here is the problem: Our guitar player flaked out on us around Halloween and we have had no luck finding a replacement. Rick, the founder of the band and our trombone player, made a funny crack on the band email list this afternoon:

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