Chewed out at the temple

September 19, 2010    By: Jacob J @ 1:33 pm   Category: Mormon Culture/Practices

Temple whitesI remembered to bring my temple clothes to work, but I forgot to bring dress clothes. I was planning to drive straight from work to the temple for youth temple night (because I work 20 minutes from home in the direction of the temple) and now I was in a pickle. I decided to simply change into my white clothes in the car and make the short walk from the parking lot to the temple in my white dockers, white belt, white shirt, and white tie. I made it to the lobby without incident. (more…)

Florida State stomps BYU

September 18, 2010    By: Geoff J @ 4:13 pm   Category: Sports

Turns out the BYU football team isn’t very good this year. Florida State beat BYU this afternoon 34-10. Bad tackling on defense hurt all game long.

At least it appears the Jake Heaps era has begun. Jake throws a beautiful ball but he looks like a freshman out there. Still I hope Jake starts going forward. The offense needs to find a rhythm and there were some moments that it almost looked like things were starting to click today.

Anyhow, Nevada looked great in crushing Cal last night. They could crush BYU next week if the team doesn’t pull things together. I am now thinking that going 8-4 would be a major accomplishment for BYU this season.

Atonement Soup Revisited

September 15, 2010    By: Matt W. @ 1:29 am   Category: Atonement & Soteriology

Some time back, Kevin Barney ventured forth the opinion that the Church’s approach to atonement is a mix of many theories, especially pointing to how the hymns of the Church can be mapped to what Barney refers to as the four key theories of atonement. [1]

I believe Barney is correct in his assertion that the Church adopts a variety of explanations for how the atonement operates, but I’d like to further note that this is really the only option that a church attempting to holistically follow the Bible can make. The Bible itself does not have a central argument for explicitly how the atonement occurs, but rather has several contradictory metaphors.[2]

In order to illustrate this point, I would first like to openly suggest that everything we know from the Bible regarding the atonement is primarily derived from the writings of Paul. Paul is the one who connects the dots between Old Testament forms of ritual and law and Christ. New Testament teachings regarding the atonement outside of Paul are typically seen either as derived from Paul (Hebrews, Letters of John) or as later additions to early texts (as in the last supper references). For those who say these points are arguable, that’s totally fair, but I think focusing on Paul can still get my point across.

Paul uses a variety of metaphors, drawn from his Jewish culture and background to explain the atonement. He uses sacrificial sprinkling [3], the sin-bearing scapegoat[4], a paschal lamb [5], heroic martyrdom [6], royal adoption [7], slave redemption [8] and conquering victor [9] just to name a few examples, and he often mixes and conflates metaphors. [10] As one author put it, he uses these concepts not to create a singular doctrine, but instead to create a “multiplicity of ideas” that “influence one another…but also contradict one another”. [11] (more…)

BYU at Air Force (Or AFA bombs BYU)

September 11, 2010    By: Geoff J @ 12:59 pm   Category: Sports

We are moments away from the second game of the 2010 season. BYU is in Colorado Springs to play Air Force this week. Kickoff coming up. I’ll give updates as we go.

Pregame thoughts

– The MWC has a “big 3” with BYU, Utah, and TCU. AFA is considered the #4 team. Nevertheless BYU has handled AFA fairly easily nearly every year under Bronco Mendenhall. Part of that may be that Bronco has some very specific defensive schemes he developed to slow down AFA.
– This game is the first of the BYU farewell tour in the Mountain West. For whatever reason fans and writers from MWC schools seem to be much more angry at BYU for leaving than they are Utah for leaving. Go figure.
– With the date being 9/11 there are several commemorations of the 9/11/01 attacks on the US

1st Quarter
– BYU receives the kickoff and returns to the 26. Nelson at QB. His passing looks atrocious this drive but he is killing the Falcons with his feet. (The receivers still are dropping passes too.) It looked like he almost knocked out one of the AFA linebackers in one collision. Touchdown BYU. BYU 7 AFA 0
– BYU squib kicks into the wind. AFA take over at their 38. Marching down the field on the BYU D. Easy touchdown pass on a major defensive breakdown by BYU. BYU 7 AFA 7 (more…)

Sunday Questions #5: Apostasy

September 5, 2010    By: Matt W. @ 1:19 am   Category: PH/RS Lessons

So I’m expanding from history a bit this week.

Is anyone aware of any writings where LDS theologians/authorities/thinkers have addressed any of the following questions?

1. Why would God allow an apostasy to happen?

2. Why would God put Christ on Earth only to follow up with 1800 years of apostasy?

3. Why couldn’t the apostasy happen again?

I was called as Elder’s Quorum Instructor last Sunday, and will be teaching next Sunday on the early church (Here’s my lesson outline) and would love to read up on any literature around these questions in the meantime.

BYU vs. Washington

September 4, 2010    By: Geoff J @ 4:02 pm   Category: Sports

We are moments away from kickoff as I write this. I’ll give updates on the game as we go.

– Even before the game we are forced to talk about that celebration penalty on Locker two years ago. Two thoughts on that. First, it was the correct call based on the rulebook. Second, all UW had to do to tie the game was hit the not long filed goal for the extra point. They instead were blocked.
– Locker is a Heisman candidate. Lots of hype surrounding him. I however suspect the BYU defense will be the star of this game.
– I hope Sark wins a lot of games this season. Just not this one.

1st Quarter (more…)

College football arrives. Make your BYU season predictions here.

September 2, 2010    By: Geoff J @ 8:46 am   Category: Sports

After an exciting offseason for BYU athletics, it is finally time to start playing some games. The NCAA football season officially kicks off tonight and BYU’s first game is this Saturday vs. The University of Washington Huskies, coached by former BYU All-America QB Steve Sarkesian.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the 2010 version of BYU football:

– A tremendous offensive line led by All-America candidate left tackle Matt Reynolds. The line is experienced, huge, and deep.
– A solid and experienced defensive backfield. BYU lost their free safety but the other three starters and most back-ups are back with more experience.
– Perhaps the deepest receiving corps in BYU history. Lots of talent and depth at BYU receiver right now.
– Speed on defense. While much of the defense is short on experience these guys are faster than your typical BYU defense.

– Inexperience at QB. Bronco will be using both true freshman Jake Heaps and Junior Riley Nelson this season. All eyes will be on these two newcomers. Heaps has the big arm and big pedigree but Nelson has more experience, is a scrambler, and is known as a fiery competitor.
– No Harvey Unga. BYU has some young talent at RB but it hurt to lose our all time leading rusher.
– Inexperience at tight end. With Pitta and George gone, five guys are vying for playing time at TE still.
– Unsettled middle linebackers. Looks like five guys will be shuttling through the two MLB spots as well.

So with that here are my season predictions:

I’m a Mormon

September 1, 2010    By: Matt W. @ 7:42 am   Category: Life

I'm a Mormon.

If you click on the picture, that’s my profile.

Well, it’s got some formatting issues, but I just cut and pasted some posts from the blog, and while it took a few weeks for it to get approved, no one asked for edits.

If it disappears, it is because I am trying to fix the formatting issues.