I Only Like to Look at Beautiful Things

June 30, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 12:58 pm   Category: Life

I once had a next door neighbor who was quite a colorful woman, and that’s putting it nicely. She was in her eighties and still going strong due to her daily health regimen. She would walk every where she went and wouldn’t eat any foods that had sugar in them. Actually, she only ate sugar-free pumpkin pie, a recipe she had developed herself, and her skin was an alarming orange color as a result. (more…)

Why the Parable of the Bicycle is Wrong

June 27, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 10:24 pm   Category: Atonement & Soteriology,Theology

In the comments of my last post there was some discussion of faith vs. works. Mormons have always been accused of being too works-focused by other Christians. They like to say things like: “Sorry guys, your works don’t save, Jesus does. Works are how we serve Jesus; they are pathetically puny compared to the gift of the atonement, which cannot be earned.” Interestingly, some Mormons like to say these very same things. (more…)

Apocalypse Now

June 26, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 11:52 pm   Category: Life

When I was a newlywed and in my final year of college I did an internship at the state mental hospital. Once or twice during my internship we had to do these emergency drills where we all had to pretend we had an earthquake, or there was a nuclear holocaust, or some other such fun event. We had to go to our posts and pretend that we were doing the particular duty we had been assigned. Usually Dave from the janitorial staff had to pretend he was dead from a bonk on the head and we all had to figure out how we could survive with out him. (more…)

The Newest Cool Thang

June 24, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 10:25 am   Category: The Thang

You might have noticed that Kristen is posting here at the Thang now. She started her own blog and I couldn’t stand the idea of the coolest and funniest person I know posting elsewhere when I could probably get her to make the Thang her permanent home. So after a little begging that’s what I got!

I figure she will help bring a little humor and humanity to the Thang. She tells a mean story and there’s nothing like a good story to lift the soul.

So welcome Kristen J! This Thang is suddenly looking better.

PS — Thanks to Kaimi and others who have already welcomed her or linked to her recent posts.

Multiple Mortal Probations — Why I Tend To Agree With Heber C. Kimball and Friends

June 23, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 1:21 am   Category: Eternal Progression,MMP

Kaimi went crazy over at Times and Seasons yesterday and now I feel inspired. I have put up several posts over the last few months that deal in generally subtle ways with the concept of multiple mortal probations. When I first began to explore this concept I was mortified to learn that the only people who seemed to talk about it in public were apparently Mormon apostates who were now part of one fundamentalist group or another. But upon further study I discovered that in the 19th century the idea was taught privately and openly by such luminaries as Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young, Eliza R. Snow and many others. With heavyweights like them in the corner of multiple mortal probations I figure it should at least be fair game to explore. (more…)

When the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Play

June 22, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 9:37 pm   Category: The Thang

When the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Play

Some of you fellow bloggers may be wondering what has happened to New Cool Thang. Where are the highly thoughtful posts on Mormon doctrine and why do I have to keep sitting through this crazy woman’s stories about her naughty children? (more…)

My Excellent Adventure With Murphy, Insurance Guy, Begoggled Girl, Lord Vader, Deli Chick, and BagMAN

   By: Kristen J @ 9:05 am   Category: Life

I should have known that this would be a Murphy’s Law day from the moment the phone rang at 6:30 am. The life insurance guy wanted to let me know that he would be running a half an hour late. The original appointment was set for 7:30 am but he wouldn’t be able to make it until 8:00 am. Now for most people this wouldn’t be a big deal but I am so not a morning person and Darth Vader had slept in my bed again last night, super-velcroed to my side! “Ok, that’s fine,” I croaked to Life Insurance guy. Then I tried to go back to sleep but Life Insurance Guy called back just in time to catch me as I was drifting off to sleep again. Now he wouldn’t be able to come until 11:00am to draw my husband’s and my blood to determine if we were worthy candidates for a life insurance policy. (more…)

Star Wars: Episode Me

June 21, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 5:57 pm   Category: Life

Darth Vader slept in my bed last night. I, on the other hand did not sleep in my bed last night — not much anyway. Ok, I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t the real Darth Vader, but I think the version that slept in my bed last night was a little bit scarier than the real one. He would slowly lull you to sleep with the deep “sshhhh, hooo, sshhh, hooo” of his breath and once you were dancing with the sandman, Darth Vader would let loose with a loud “SNORT!” and you’d be up and at ’em. It was a terrorizing strategy that he successfully used throughout the night. My Darth Vader has a much harder time competing with the real Darth Vader in the appearance category though. It’s hard to look scary in shorty batman pajamas, although the glow in the dark bat on his chest does help. If you must know the identity of my Darth Vader I’ll tell, it’s no secret, it’s my 3 year old son. (more…)

Seeing Angels in 2005

June 19, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 10:43 pm   Category: Mormon Culture/Practices,Personal Revelation

I have a friend the recently saw angels in the temple. I’m happy for her. But the fact is I’m not particularly envious. Seeing angels isn’t really high on my list of desired spiritual gifts. As a result I suspect I am highly unlikely to see any until I start really wanting to and asking to. (more…)

San Diego BloggerRocker June 24th

June 17, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 1:24 pm   Category: Rock 'n' Roll

Here’s an invite to all Bloggernaclites in or around San Diego to come check out the farewell performance of a cover band I have been playing in (on and off) since 1995. Kristen and I will be there and it ought to be pretty fun. Here is the flier: (more…)

Here are the keys to the kingdom, President. Bring ‘er back in one piece and with a full tank.

June 16, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 11:40 pm   Category: Mormon Culture/Practices,Theology

There were lots of great comments and complaints about my new theory that I informally presented in the last post. They made me really consider what the theory entails and what it doesn’t. I think it would be helpful to step back a little and look at this theory in a larger context. (more…)

Dear AbbyNacle

June 15, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 2:44 pm   Category: Life

You know normally I don’t have to ask for advice from people because most of my family members like to give it to me before I even need it. So, I’m not really sure how to go about it. I guess I’ll just have to ask and hope I don’t mangle this post up too badly! (more…)

Earrings and Coffee and Our Eternal Ties to Current Church Leaders

June 13, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 10:35 pm   Category: Mormon Culture/Practices,Theology

What would you say if I told you that even though the Word of Wisdom and the most recent earring rules are temporary commandments, they will still be on the exam at our final judgment? Well if you are a Latter Day Saint I suspect they will be and here is why. (more…)

Satan’s Tongue

June 9, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 11:57 pm   Category: Rock 'n' Roll

I have a secret. If you saw me walking around Target, little ones in tow, you would probably think I was the last person in the world who harbor any mysteries. You see, I look a lot like your typical SAHM, the kind sometimes discussed with derision on some blogs. You know the type, t-shirt, Capri’s, hilights, surrounded by small children who are usually having a melt-down about something. You probably think after looking at me for a few seconds you know how my brain works, my hopes, and dreams, but I might surprise you a little bit. (more…)

On Strict Obedience and Dumbo’s Feather

June 7, 2005    By: Geoff J @ 11:54 pm   Category: Mormon Culture/Practices,Theology

As usual, there have been several posts recently related to the topic of obedience. A favored branch of this topic is the term strict obedience. Dave put up a post on Elder Bednar’s recent address at BYU where he brought up the two sets of earrings standard in a story. Monday’s post at The Iron Rod was on obedience. Jeffrey Gilliam has a whole series on the topic. This is obviously something that is on our collective minds. It happens to be on my mind tonight too, so here are some thoughts. (more…)

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