The Fluffy Bunny Nice Nice Club

August 7, 2009    By: Geoff J @ 11:29 pm   Category:

The Fluffy Bunny Nice Nice Club (FBNNC for short) is a nickname for rabid anti-Mormons.

The name came from a debate a few of us bloggernacle regulars were having with the anti-Mormon zealots over at Mormon Coffee — a “counter-cult” blog run by a bunch of so-called Christian wackos who spend their lives trying to destroy Mormonism. One of the nutjobs over there wrote a post complaining that we Mormons call them anti-Mormons. (No, seriously, he really did.) John C. (who blogs at FPR and BCC) wrote a comment suggesting maybe they would prefer to be called the Fluffy Bunny Nice Nice Club instead. The anti-Mormon jihadists at that site didn’t find that snark amusing but I did so I started using it on the rare occasions when I write a post related to the FBNNC or Calvinism.

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  1. Sorry about all the typos in my last comment…! I just got laughing so hard when I read the comment about how “we love the Mormon people” that I couldn’t keep tears of amusement under control enough to see what I was doing. I’m not a touch typist–which often is worse. Anyway, sorry. Keep up the good work. Anti-Mormonism is often funnier than “Saturday Night Live”. At least it makes even less sense…!

    Comment by Harlan Carpenter — April 19, 2012 @ 9:31 am

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