October 3, 2005    By: Kristen J @ 9:15 pm   Category: Life

Me not feel so good! There you have it, today I am sick. It’s one of those head feels like cotton, sinus-throbbing, sneezing, and aching flus. I don’t have a fever though. That doesn’t mean anything because I rarely get fevers. My left leg could be completely covered in gangrene and the ER nurses would still send me home due to lack of fever. In fact, the ER almost missed my appendicitis once because I didn’t have a fever. The nurses said, “Well it can’t be appendicitis because you don’t have a fever. I guess your tummy just hurts. Buh-bye.” (more…)

A Life at the Improv

   By: Geoff J @ 1:57 pm   Category: Foreknowledge,Theology

Bryce’s recent post has reignited a small discussion about God’s foreknowledge. I thought I would make a few comments that tie some of my former posts together on the subject. (more…)

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